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These are memory based questions collected from candidates who appeared in the exam.

Hope these questions help you.

General awareness


1). With which sport is Sania Nehwal Associated ?

2). With which sport is Ranji Trophy Related ?

3). M.S Ahluwalia was recently presented with which Award ?

4). Which country is the largest producer of Jute?

5). The 2016 summer Olympics are scheduled to held in which country?

6). Which among the following countries is a member of G-8?

7). When is Ozone Day Celebrated ?

8). Who has recently been appointed the PM of South Sudan ?

9). Who has recently been appointed the PM of Japan ?

10. Which of the following you can mortagage?
Ans- land and building


11). What is the meaning of Non-performing assets ?

12). It is mandatory for all banks to follow the rules of which Act?

13). In BR act,what is the meaning of term “R” ?

14). The Ownerships of the bank is under… ?

a).wholly owned by Govt of India

b) wholly owned by RBI

c) jointly owned by Gov tog India and RBI

d) jointly owned by RBI.

15). Which of the following award in music is given by Government of Madhya Pradesh?

16). One question is asked on Teesta dispute of INDIA and Bangladesh?

17). NEFT and RTGS are—? They are Electronic Fund Transfer system

18). What is the full form of ETS in banking terms ?

19). One question is asked on Books and Authors ?

20). Who is present Ex officio chairman ship in Rajya Sabha..?

21). Which state is the largest producer of Iron Ore in India ?

22). The major Objective of UNESCO is ?

23). Head Quarters of World Bank are Located at ?

24). Which bank has the largest no of branches and ATM`s in India?

25). Which current India gave license to use for exporting the goods?

26). What is the full form of NET in Banking terms ?

27. What is Repo Rate??
(a) It is the rate at which RBI gives loans to its prime customers.
(b) It is the rate at which RBI gives loans to poor people.
(c) It is the rate at which commercial banks borrows rupees from RBI.
(d) It is the rate at which RBI borrows rupees from Commercial banks.
(e) None


28. N Rangaswamy is the new CM of Puducherry, he actually belongs to which party.?
(a) BSP
(b) BJP
(c) All India NR Congress.
(e) UDF


29. Who is Union Agriculture Minister at present.
(a) Rajiv Kumar Shukla.
(b) Sharad Pawar
(c) Jairam Ramesh
(d) Shashi Tharor
(e) None


30. Define KYC in banking sector.
(a) Know Your Customer.
(b) Know Your Consumer.
(c) Know Your Collapse.
(d) Knew Your Customer.
(e) None.


31. Which is the Central Bank to the Government in India.
(a) SBI (b) RBI
(c) ICICI (d) SEBI (e) None.


32. NPA stands for
(a) Non Performing Asset.
(b) Non Performing Adopt.
(c) Not Performing Asset.
(d) Non Performal Asset.
(e) None.


33. Financial Inclusion means
(a) Including every Indian citizen financially.
(b) Providing banking services to metropolitan areas.
(c) Special scheme for senior citizens.
(d) Special scheme for government employees.
(e) None


34. India recently with which country sign land border dispute agreement.
(a) Nepal (b) Bangladesh
(c) Pakistan (d) China (e) None


35. Who is the new president of Singapore.
(a) Tony Tane (b) Robbert Zoellick
(c) Domnique Strauss kan
(d) Yoshihiko Noda (e) None


36. Bulls and Bears is related with
(a) Cricket (b) Football
(c) Shares (d) Chess (e) None


37. Gagan Narang is recently honored with
(a) Sita Puraskar
(b) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.
(c) Dronacharya Award (d) Vyas Samman
(e) None


38. RTGS means
(a) Money transfer from one branch to another branch of the same Bank.
(b) Money transfer from one branch to another branch of the different Bank.
(c) Money transfer from one Country to another country.
(d) Does not transfer money.
(e) None


39. Who is Dipika Kumari.
(a) Famous Archer. (b) Famous Swimmer.
(c) Famous Cricketer.
(d) Famous Discuss Thrower. (e) None


40. Which award is given in cinema sector.
(a) Pritkzer Prize. (b) Dada Saheb Phalke award
(c) Nehru Trophy (d) Man Booker Prize.
(e) None


41. In SEZ what does S stands for.
(a) Special (b) Simple
(c) Stagnant (d) Stiff (e) None


42. Nationalized Banks are also called as
(a) Public Sector banks. (b) Private Sector banks.
(c) Corporate banks. (d) MFI.
(e) None


43. Where is the headquarter of International organization IAEA?
(a) Vienna (b) Washington DC
(c) Russia. (d) England (e) None


44. Which Government scheme is related to Health Services.
(a) ASHA (b) Jeevan Arogya
(c) Swabhimaan (d) SABLA (e) None


45. Which person is also called as a father of Green Revolution.
(a) Dr. MS Swaminanthan.
(b) Dr. Ella Bhatt.
(c) Dr. Vijay Mallya.
(d) Dr. Siddartha Mukherjee
(e) None


46. Which country is NOT related with OPEC group.
(a) China (b) Kuwait
(c) Iran (d) UAE (e) None


47. Nirumpama Rao is recently appointed as an Indian ambassador to__________
(a) UK (b) USA
(c) Russia (d) UAE (e) Kuwait


48. Which credit rating company is recently in news.
(c) Standard & Poor’s (d) IAEA (e) ADB


49. Teachers Day is celebrated on_____
(a) 5th of September. (b) 5th of November.
(c) 5th of December. (d) 5th of August. (e) None




50. Currency of Iran is
(a) Real (b) Peso
(c) Euro (d) Dollar (e) Lira


51. Which one is a private sector bank.
(a) IDBI (b) Bank of Rajasthan
(c) HDFC (d) SIDBI (e) None


52. ILO stands for
(a) International Labour Organization.
(b) International Local Organization.

(c) Indian Labour Organization.
(d) Italy Labour Organization.
(e) None


53. Which one of the following is not related with Hockey.
(a) Rangaswamy Cup (b) Nehru Trophy
(c) Dhyanchand Cup (d) Sultan Azlan Shah.
(e) Davis Cup


54. Currency of Bangladesh?
55. Who sign on the 50 Rs note?
56. Which bank are known for home loan provide?
56. Foreign minister of India?

57. The currency of iraq is called –
ANS dinar
58. Lasith Malinga is associated with which game
Ans – cricket
59. BCCI is associated with which field
Ans – cricket
60. Amitabh Bachhan got the 75th national award for which film in the year 2010
Ans- paa
61. Dada Saheb Phalke award is associated with which field
Ans- films
62. The President of Nepal is
Ans – Ram Baran Yadav
63.  Which one among them is not indian writer
Ans- Gagan Narang
64. Which international bank has opened its branches in India also
Ans-yes bank
65. from the following countries which is member of SAARC?
Ans- Vietnam
66. in football which of the term is not related
Ans – maiden over
67. which of the following cups/ trophies are related with lawn tennis
Ans- Wimbledon trophy
68. which one of them is not the union cabinet minister
Ans – Kamal Nath
59. For how many days cheques are valid in india
Ans- 6 months
60. crossing is done in which of the things
Ans- cheque
61. Which of the following banks are not nationalized in 1969
62. Which state is no.1 among the following is the producer of sugar
Ans- Punjab

63. Indonesia president- Shushilo Babang
64. RTGS max and min limit?
65. Full form EMI is?

Ans. equatted monthly installment
66. ISRO related to? — space
67. N in LNG?

69. Dr. Manmohan Singh visted Bangladesh for boundary resolution
70.Djokowich- lawn tennis
71. R.K. Narayan wrote the book? —  Malgudi Days
72. CASA related work………….
73. housing loan provided by which bank-HDFC
74. no-ball related to cricket?
75. oil producer country – Iran
76. Gg20 summit in -france
77. ECB -external commercial borrowing
78. Gagan Narang was awarded….Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award
79. Award related to literature- Gyanpith award
80. Anushka Sharma was awarded in iifa?
81. UNSC Permanaet member-France
82. imf h.q-washington dc
83. Dilma Rouseff is first woman president -Brazil
84. Opposition leader in parliament-Shushma Swaraj

85. Who was the father of Green Revolution ?




Computer Awareness


1. Full form of EPROM?
2. What appears at the left bottom of excel.

3. What does bus denote in computer terminology?

4. Internet is connected to which device?

5. What is the key we press to retrieve 1st page?

6. What is the  shortcut to center the paragraph in word document?

7. Full form of ALU?
8. Full form of RAM?

9. Behaviour of RAM Memory?








Q. 4444 divide 444 divide 4?
Q. 5555 divide 555 divide 5?

Q. If a train is covering 360 m in 120sec then how many metres it will cover in one sec ?
Q. If the diameter of a circle is 360 then what is the area of that circle?
Q. If manoj gets 84 marks in hindi, 78 in english, 82 in marathi, 73 in sanskrit, 69 in maths ( numbers may differ) out of each is equal and his average percentage is 84% than wat is the maximum marks of each subject..?



If you remember ant questions mail them to us on ibpsbankexam@gmail.com and we will post them here.


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Note – These questions are memory based and we are not responsible for validity of this data.

Further the answers are as per analysis and we donot hold any reposibility for them.


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